Understanding Conversion Rates

Pricing for conversion is based on the complexity and quality of the source file as well as any additional design needs. Price ranges provided below are intended to give an idea of possible rates. If you have any questions, feel free to place a ticket in our help desk.

Production timelines

Quotes: 2-3 business days to receive a quote. Quotes not provided for reflowable text EPUBs, as the rates are standard.  If your complexity exceeds that standard rate, you will be quoted the new cost before conversion.

  • eBook conversion: 5-15 business days after request or quote approval
  • Print file creation: 7-15 business days upon quote approval
  • eBook + Print: 10-15 business days upon quote approval (eBook is created first, then Print created)

RUSH: 2-3 business days  (eBook + Print additional 4-6 business days)

For all of the above timelines, please consider additional time to account for any required feedback, copy edits, or production questions/issues

eBook Conversion - Reflowable

Almost all EPUB files are in the reflowable format. This is the standard format that can be viewed across all eBook reading apps and devices. Reflowable means that the text and all content within your book can be resized and wrapped around to “reflow” into any required size

Conversion TypePriceUnitDescription
Simple$0.13Per Page

• 1 page TOC

• Complete free flow text

• No Content/Design Elements

Medium$0.17Per Page

• 2-3 pages TOC

• Heading levels up to 2 levels

• Up to 5% of Content/Design Elements

Complex$0.22Per Page

• 4-5 pages TOC

• Heading levels up to 3 levels

• Up to 10% of Content/Design Elements

• Up to 5 pages of reference content (Abbreviations, Glossary, Bibliography, Index)

• Up to 70 footnotes or endnotes

High Complex$0.53Per Page

• 5-7 pages TOC; multi-level

• Heading levels up to 4 levels

• Up to 15% of Content/Design Elements

• Up to 15 pages of reference content (Abbreviations, Glossary, Bibliography, Index)

• Up to 120 footnotes or endnotes

High Complex II$0.74Per Page

• Above 7 pages TOC; multi-level

• Heading levels above 4 levels

• 3-column text

• Above 15% of Content/Design Elements

• Above 15 pages of reference content (Abbreviations, Glossary, Bibliography, Index)

• Above 120 footnotes or endnotes

$0.09Per Page

Examples of Content/ Design Elements 

• Tables

• Images

• Block Quotes

• Poems

• Extracts

• Epigraphs

• Dialogue Paragraphs

• Box Text

• Hanging Paragraphs

• Letter Text

• Lists

eBook Conversion - Fixed Layout

Fixed Layout files are needed for all design-heavy books where the layout of each page must be contained in a “fixed layout” for the dimension of each eReader device.

Conversion TypePriceUnitDescription
Level 1

$0.66Per PageComic Books or full page image-based titles; PDF to EPUB3
$0.51Per PageEPUB3 to KF8
Level 2$1.65Per PageChildren's Books; PDF to EPUB3
$0.52Per PageEPUB3 to KF8
Level 3$2.64Per PageNon-children's Books with single-column layout; PDF to EPUB3
$1.10Per PageEPUB3 to KF8
Level 4$3.63Per PageNon-children's Books with multi-column layout; PDF to EPUB 3
$1.93Per PageEPUB3 to KF8
Audio / Video$0.20per audio/video filefor read-a-long content

Additional Conversion Services

Conversion TypePriceUnitDescription
Images$0.07Per Image
Tables$1.52Per Tableup to 3-4 columns
Text Assurance$0.17Per PageAdded to the Conversion Type price per page when source file is an image-based PDF
Internal Linking$0.02Per Linkfootnotes, etc.
Index Linking$0.06Per Link0-300 links
$0.05Per Link301-1,000 links
$0.04Per Link1,001+ links
Real Page Number Links$0.02Per Pagerecommended for titles with course adoptions
Audio / Video$0.20per audio/video file
Corrections$0.23Per Page
$9.90Per Hourused if unable to estimate pages
Retailer Specific Files$29.00Per Title5 additional files customized for each major retailer (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, B&N, & Google)

Print and EPUB + Print conversion

Print file typesetting layout:

For print file conversion, a typesetting design is required showing how you would like, for example, your Chapter headings, fonts, and page numbers to appear. You may choose from one of our 10 pre-established designs or create your own custom design. Costs below:

Custom design for a basic, all text typesetting designs (you provide your own design or requirements): $75

INscribe design: FREE, see our collection of layout designs here: Print File Typesetting Designs

Print from EPUB:

Are your titles in EPUB already? With the help of the existing EPUB markup, converting your content from the EPUB file is less costly than from a manuscript in another format.

<100 pages$60$70$90
<150 pages$90$105$135
<200 pages$120$140$180
<250 pages$150$175$225
<300 pages$180$210$270
<350 pages$210$245$315
<400 pages$240$280$360

Image processing fees: Per quote basis

Print and EPUB at the same time: 

You can create your Print and EPUB file at the same time and save money.

We convert WORD or PDF to EPUB and with the help of the EPUB markup, we can output the Print file more efficiently than from WORD or PDF alone.

<100 pages$95$120$165
<150 pages$143$180$248
<200 pages$190$240$330
<250 pages$238$300$413
<300 pages$285$360$495
<350 pages$333$420$578
<400 pages$380$480$660

Print from WORD:

We'll need to markup your WORD doc consistently so the cost is a bit more than from EPUB:

<100 pages$100$125
<150 pages$150$175
<200 pages$200$230
<250 pages$250$280
<300 pages$300$350
<350 pages$350$400
<400 pages$400$460

Image processing fees: Per quote basis