How to Preview Converted eBook Files

When reviewing files, note which device or app you are using, as well as any custom user settings. Take screen shots if you think it will help (How to take a screenshot on an iPad). This way you and your production team will be on the same page (literally!).

Viewing EPUB on your computer

Download Adobe Digital Editions:

If you already have it, make sure you have installed the latest version on your computer!

Please know that ADE cannot render all EPUB file features correctly so it is best to also preview files directly on devices. 

Do not preview Fixed Layout titles on Adobe Digital Editions.

Viewing the code within an EPUB file

You can unzip EPUB files to see images, files and coding. We recommend WinRAR because you can extract problem files, fix them, and then drop them back in:

Viewing MOBI with Kindle Previewer

MOBI files should not be sideloaded directly to a device for preview. A MOBI file is a zipped collection of device appropriate files that can only be correctly delivered to a device upon purchase of the title through the Amazon storefront. 

Instead use Kindle Previewer. This program for your desktop computer allows you to see what the file will look like on different devices. Try them all out! Kindle Previewer, free download from Amazon:

EPUB files cannot be viewed on Kindle devices, but you can convert most EPUB files into MOBI files by opening the EPUB in Kindle Previewer. Kindle Previewer will create a MOBI file from your EPUB file for you. For more info on EPUB to MOBI conversion, see the Kindle Publishing Guidelines.

Please note that Kindle Previewer cannot accurately translate all formatting. Viewing on your computer screen also greatly exaggerates the actual size of the eBook. Some devices have a small screen and limited zoom capabilities (see screen resolution and sizes).

When viewing: Play around with the user settings. Enlarge and shrink text. Double click images to pop them up larger. Be sure to test using Kindle’s Night View (black background) to make sure the text isn’t set to black. Make sure an embedded Table of Contents is available. Double click on text to view “pop-up” text in fixed layout files.

NOTE: Some MOBI file features such as fixed layout and audio/video enhancements cannot be previewed until the file has been purchased and loaded through the store front.

See also: Features Available in Kindle Books

Viewing MOBI on iPad in the Kindle for iPad app

Use Kindle Previewer to first create the .azk file that the iPad app uses. Follow the instructions listed in the Kindle Previewer release notes for full instructions, scroll down to You can side-load following types of books into iOS devices: Kindle Previewer Release Notes.

Viewing EPUB on iPad

You can drop files into your desktop version of iBooks, one that is synced with your iPad:

OR: While on iPad, download the file from our FTP website or a file sharing program like Dropbox and choose "Open in iBooks" (or whichever reading app you have installed on your iPad). Always use the most updated app and iOS versions available to ensure proper readability.

Viewing EPUB on Google Play Books

First you need to upload the file to Google Play Books. From your desktop computer, upload the EPUB file via the Google Play Uploads page:

Once uploaded, you can view from any device that has the Google Play Books app installed.

Viewing EPUB on the Nook

Transfer files to a Nook with a mini USB cord. Drop the file into the My Files\Books folder.

IMPORTANT: Your NOOK will cache your content, similar to how a browser caches information from a website you've visited. The book then loads faster upon subsequent viewing. Unfortunately, that means that side-loaded content is hard to overwrite. You must rename the file of the new version or change the file location on your Nook. For example:

If your file is in: /MyNOOK/MyFiles/Books/978123456789_epib.epub

Then create a subfolder: /MyNOOK/MyFiles/Books/NEW/978123456789_epib.epub and open that file.

Or, you can rename files from /MyNOOK/MyFiles/Books/978123456789_epib.epub to: /MyNOOK/MyFiles/Books/9781625171832_v2_epib.epub

Note: Barnes & Noble also does some post processing to your files upon ingestion and distribution, for example the header will render correctly once the book has been purchased and loaded through the store front. Also, EPIB files are only viewable in horizontal spreads.

How to review your converted files for quality and file validity

See: eBook QA Rules (retailer requirements) and File and Cover Image Validations

If you have any questions, please place a ticket in our help desk.