INscribe Is More Than Distribution

As you know, we offer more than just distribution services here at INscribe Digital! For full detailed eBook and POD file creation rates see: eBook and Print File Conversion Rates.

Additional Services

Contact your client services representative for more details.

New Title Marketing Package
 $149 per title
If selected, includes: NetGalley*, TextCafe widget*, metadata consultation*, retailer-specific files*, INstore and guaranteed pitch at all major retailers. See here for more details.
*available a la carte as well
Metadata Management
$10 for first 10 titles
$5 for each additional 10 titles
You supply your title's details and we convert it into the format required by eBook retailers.
Metadata Consultation
$100 per hour
Take advantage of INscribe's industry expertise to discuss marketability of cover design, SEO impact of metadata, or publishing strategy catered to your titles.
Marketing Nomination Management
$10 fee per retailer promotion
You supply the title(s) and discounts for specific retailer promotions, and we will nominate on your behalf. 
eBook Conversion
Reflowable: $.40-$.90 per page
Fixed: $1.50-$5 per page per format
You provide your book in PDF, Word, INDD, or other, and we convert it into an eBook file (or files when retailer specific versions are needed).
Physical book scanning and OCR
$.40 per page
You mail out a copy of your physical book and within 2 weeks you get back an archival scan and an extracted text version ready for eBook conversion.
eBook Design assistance
$50 per hour
Re-design for optimal reflowable or fixed layout eBook file conversion. Creation of marketing pages, front matter, back matter, whatever you need.
eBook Corrections and Repairs
$29-$75 per file depending on complexity and amount of errors
If your existing eBook file fails any retailer validations or QA testing, we send it out for repairs. You will receive back a corrected file ready for retailers.

Subsequent corrections following conversion will be charged $50 after approval of the file is given and the project inspection period of seven business days  has passed and is closed.
eBook Changes or Edits
$29 for basic changes or short list of copy edits
Our conversion team can edit your file and add new content as needed.
EPUB 2.0 or EPUB 3.0 upgrading
$20-$50 per file depending on complexity
Send us your old EPUB 2.0 files and we upgrade the formatting to EPUB 3.0 and make sure it is compliant to the most current version of EPUB Check. Or, when converting to EPUB 3.0, receive an EPUB 2.0 in addition for full compatibility.
POD File creation
$60-$240 EPUB & POD
Depending on page length, a typical 250 page book will cost $150 for both EPUB & POD output.
Cover design
by referral
We have a list of client recommended cover designers for you to pick from.
Copy editing and proofreading
$3-4 per page (copy editing)
$2 per page (proofreading only)
Do you need a pair of eagle eyes on your manuscript? Let us find you the editorial expertise you need.
Retailer Specific Files (for marketing)
$29 per title
Add retailer specific buy links to your eBook files so that customers will be one click away from buying their next book from you. After supplying your own links to retailers in our order form (found on this page), we can create a file for each major retailer: Amazon, Apple Books, Google, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!
TextCafe widget
$3.50 per month per title for front list (>2 years old), $0.75 per month for back list
Social media sample sharing widget that allows for customer engagement and purchase.
NetGalley (digital galley service)
$59 per title per month
$75 category spotlights deals
Need reviews at retailers? NetGalley promotes and publicizes forthcoming titles to readers of influence. See our NetGalley Overview for more information.
Publicity services
by referral
We can connect you with publicists with proven results.
Anti-piracy tracking and takedown
$15 for 50 takedowns
We will send your book information to our tracking and takedown services to stop online piracy of your eBooks.
Social DRM and Adobe DRM
by referral
Watermark your eBook files.
by referral
Have your book translated into foreign languages to boost your global sales.