How to Add Google as a Retailer

Google Play requires additional steps to complete distribution. It may take up to four weeks to see live status once an account is established. Please note, in order to distribute to Google, all content needs to be sent through INscribe Digital.  Please let us know if you have existing titles on Google Books. 


Google has temporarily disabled the set up of new publisher accounts via the online application. However, Google has allowed INscribe special set up via a unique link. If you would like to set up Google Play as a retailer, please place a help desk ticket and let us know. We will ask Google to provide your unique set up link, which we will pass on to you. You must complete the following steps to complete setup.

Join the Google Books Partner Program

Sign up by clicking on the unique link we will provide you and filling out the online application. 

Join the Google eBooks Program

After joining the Partner Program, log into your Partner Center account and click to accept the Google eBooks terms and conditions.

Authorize INscribe Digital 

In order for us to distribute your content to Google, you will need to allow us to manage your account by filling out this Publisher Consent Form. You must be already be signed up as a Google Books Partner before filling out the form.

  • Client Service Provider: INscribe Digital
  • Client Service Provider Email:
  • INscribe must have permissions for all fields to complete set up:
    • PDF files for Preview Program
    • ePub files for books on Google Play
    • ONIX files for metadata (i.e., author, title. Used for Preview Program)
    • ONIX files for sales settings (i.e., selling territories, pricing. Used for books on Google Play)
    • Payments and reports access

Once you have completed these steps, INscribe will manage the Payment Profile set up and distribute your content. Google will review your initial content before making it live on the Google Books storefront. This could take up to 4 weeks.