What are iBooks' Pricing Rules?

iBooks requires all digital new releases to meet a set of Agency pricing rules. In order to distribute successfully, you must follow the attached guidelines.

They apply to all New Release Fiction titles with a corresponding print product.

As an agency retailer, iBooks will only price content as it is sent to them on your behalf (i.e. what the publisher sends in their metadata), treating the titles as a license rather than a product. The only content subject to this rule are new release general trade titles, mostly fiction content. Children's and academic/professional eBooks, enhanced eBooks, and books published in a language other than one commonly spoken in the US are not subject to these rules. After the eBook has been on sale for 12 months of publication, the price may increase.

If you believe your content doesn't fall within the general trade category, send your metadata as Release Type "O" (for "Other"). Otherwise, you may choose to opt-out of iBooks until 12 months after the title's release.

A common error with Apple's pricing rules is when the eBook is priced equal to the physical but they aren't in .99 increments. Apple only accepts prices in .99 increments. If your physical book is $15.95 and you submit the exact same price for the eBook, the price is rolled up to $15.99, which means the eBook is priced higher than the physical. The eBook would need to be $14.99 instead to comply with Apple's rules.