Ready, Set, Sell!

Download the attached PDF for the full guidelines on your eBook distribution timeline.

Standard Go-Live Timeline

2 weeks: Upload final files–cover jpg, epub file, metadata–to your INscribe console to be delivered to retailers. Any files delivered within two weeks of on-sale are not guaranteed to be live at all retailers in time for your release date.

Pre-order Timeline

1 year (max): Upload cover jpg and metadata–okay if these aren't final–to your INscribe console to be sent to retailers. Ensure you have a unique eBook ISBN.

5 months: Copyedit and proofread final manuscript.

4 months: Send advance copies of your manuscript out to reviewers and your existing network of readers. 

6 weeks: Format your final manuscript into epub, mobi, and pdf files.

4 weeks: Consider using a service like NetGalley to garner reviews in advance of release.

3 weeks: Upload final eBook file to your INscribe console.

Additional Information

Error Reporting

If there are any issues with your files, you should expect to receive either a Failed Ingestion or a Failed Distribution report the day following initial processing. Failed Ingestion reports are triggered when metadata or a file does not meet initial requirements. Failed Distribution reports are triggered when a title fails to go to a specific retailer.

For titles live for pre-order without epub files, you should expect to receive a weekly Preorder Status report that will let you know when a title is nearing its publication date and is becoming 'at risk'. Once files are received and distributed, the title will no longer appear on this report.

Price Campaigns

Once a title is sent to retailers, you can set limited time price discounts.

2 weeks in advance: notify INscribe of price campaign

Fill out price campaign spreadsheet, which you can download at any time here. You can set multiple campaigns, up to a year in advance, in a single spreadsheet. 

Metadata and File Updates

You can update your metadata or files at any point in time. You only need to send the affected file (ie, if you want to update your cover file, then you only need to send the cover jpg.)

Updates will appear at retailers 2-14 days following ingestion, depending on the retailer processing time. 

Marketing and Additional Services

We have a full list of additional services stored in our Solutions center. Some include: New Title Marketing Package, NetGalley, INstore, Metadata Management, and more!