Using ONIX Metadata

Due to variations in implementing the standard ONIX guidelines, we request that you submit a sample ONIX for our review prior to uploading metadata in this format. To get your ONIX in the review queue, you must place a help desk ticket.

Why do you need our approval?

While an ONIX file may be valid, it may not be structured or coded to properly reflect your distribution needs or intentions. We don't want you to unknowingly send incorrect data to retailers. So to ensure that your ONIX is doing what you want it to do, we review it for correctness. Our team is also on hand to answer any of your ONIX related questions.

Please note that the technical review of your ONIX can take 2-4 weeks.

If you need to distribute your titles right away, then we advise you use the bulk import sheet (xls) and submit the titles in order of priority. 

If you are brand new to INscribe Digital, the quicker you can provide a sample ONIX at the Onboarding stage, the quicker we can push your assets live.

ONIX Resources

The ONIX documentation is public information and can be found here: The ONIX specifications contain a series of code lists where each code list represents the potential values a given tag can contain.

You can access the code lists and the tag definitions at the links below:

ONIX 2.1

ONIX 3.0

For directions on how to deliver and name your ONIX files, refer to our Content Submission Guidelines.