Welcome to your INscribe Digital Dashboard

The INscribe Digital dasbhoard is a unique client portal on www.dashboard.inscribedigital.com where you can:

  • View big picture and title level details
  • Create an export daily eBook sales data
  • Download monthly statements

Download the attached PDF file for more details.

Daily eBook Sales

View and download recent unverified sales data from retailers. Data is posted daily if retailers make it available.


Generate and export verified sales data and monthly statements.


Explore your catalog's distribution and upload new titles. See Athena User Guide for details.

Single eBook Title Upload

Submit a single title using INscribe Digital's metadata form and/or add your eBook and cover art files.

FTP Upload

Upload your file using Serv-U, a web-based FTP client.


Submit print metadata, cover, and PDF files.


Analyze your catalog's live status, reviews, rankings, and more. Additional charges apply.