Uploading a Takedown

Should you need to remove content from sale at retailers, you will need to submit a Takedown notice. Once you have uploaded a takedown, Athena will automatically notify retailers of the change in status.

Athena Import Sheet

You can change the status of your title in the Athena Import Sheet by changing Column A to Takedown using the drop-down menu. If you do not have your metadata saved in the bulk import sheet, you can export all of your stored information by following the directions below.

  1. Go to athena.inscribedigital.com and log in using your credentials
  2. Go to the Catalog page, then View and select Asset Catalog. This will make it easier to export multiple titles at once.
  3. Go to Filter, then select Asset Identifier and enter the ISBNs in the pop-up box. Be sure to check the Advanced View if entering more than one ISBN.
  4. After the titles load, tick the checkbox at the top of the column to select all titles
  5. Go to the Export Bulk Metadata button on the bottom right
  6. Open the zipped file and change the first column to Takedown for these titles, then resave outside of the zipped folder
  7. Go to the Upload page in Athena, and add the title, or deliver the metadata via your FTP in the XML folder

Sending Takedown via ONIX

If you send ONIX to INscribe, you will need to make the following changes to your ONIX nodes:
  • Notification Type
    • Find: <NotificationType>03</NotificationType> 
    • Replace: <NotificationType>04</NotificationType> 
  • Product Availability
    • Find: <ProductAvailability>20</ProductAvailability>
    • Replace:  <ProductAvailability>51</ProductAvailability>
  • Publishing Status
    • Find: <PublishingStatus>04</PublishingStatus> 
    • Replace: <PublishingStatus>07</PublishingStatus> 
  • Sent Date Time
    • Find: <SentDateTime>.*</SentDateTime>
    • Replace: <SentDateTime>CurrentDate</SentDateTime>
  • SupplyDate must be done manually per title:
    • Find: <SupplyDate>
    • Delete: Entire block of <SupplyDate> to </SupplyDate>