Subject Guidelines for Retailers

Some retailers have BISAC or Subject restrictions in place so that only content appropriate for their audiences will be displayed on the store. If your title's BISAC codes are on the list of forbidden subjects for a specific retailer, or don't match the allowed subjects for a specific retailer, you will see an error message in Athena and on your Failed Distribution reports. 

Choosing the Right Subject

You should always choose the most appropriate subject for your title, even if a retailer does not accept books in your genre. Please place a ticket for your client representative if you are unsure of how to proceed.

A full list of BISAC codes can be found on the BISAC tab of the bulk metadata sheet, which you can download from the article Metadata Delivery: Bulk Import Sheets. You can also check the latest list of BISAC codes from the BISG website here.

Retailer Subject Restrictions

The below grid shows the retailers for which this applies. Forbidden Subjects are those not accepted by listed retailers; all BISAC codes under these subjects will be blocked from distribution to the respective retailers. Allowed Subjects are those only accepted by listed retailers; all BISAC codes outside these will be blocked from distributing to the respective retailers.

RetailerForbidden SubjectsAllowed Subjects
Mackin (MKN)    Erotica--
Proquest (PRO)    Erotica, Romance--