All distribution reporting can be sent daily, weekly or monthly.  The default for all is daily except for the Full Distribution Overview (due to size).



Report: OzBooks Ingestion

This report has two tabs; the first is the name of the package that was uploaded (the system names it by date and package #.) The second tab is what it resolved into. For example, an ONIX feed named OzBooks201701041500.xml will resolve into a bunch of individual .onix files, like 9781003000001.onix, 9700000000009.onix, 9780000000455.onix, 9781003000001.onix. Once ingested, those titles are going to automatically distribute.

Failed Ingestion

Report: OzBooks Failed Ingestion

Like the Ingestion report, this has two tabs:  the file name and the failures, and then any details we can pull out of the error logs. 


Report: OzBooks Distribution

This report lists titles that have successfully distributed to retailers, along with onsale date and date of delivery.

Failed Distribution

Report: OzBooks Failed Distribution.xls

This is one of our more complex reports in terms of filtering. There are two tabs. The first tab is for titles that you should verify: these would likely be unexpected failures. DIMF errors could include Transporter and ePubCheck failures; when content doesn’t successfully distribute. You will also find blocking issues here, like cover art that is too small, or missing assets required for delivery. The second tab is content that is expected not to distribute: for example, Retailers you excluded in your metadata (REM). Sometimes clients like to review that so they understand why something didn’t go. 

Full Distribution Overview

Report: OzBooks Full Distribution Overview

This report shows all the content that is currently in the system for the publisher, and its last case of distribution. Each column will have a date, TD (Takedown),  RNA (Retailer Not Acceptable) or N/A (Retailer Not Enabled). Blanks are always the concern, so the best thing to do here is to use the filter. The filter shows that you have some unexpected “blank” fields where we expect delivery. This report can be generated as provided, with all file types (Metadata, Images, Files) or individually by type (Metadata, Covers & Screenshots, and Files & Samples).  We generate this weekly for all accounts.

Preorder Status

Report: OzBooks Preorder Status

This report shows all titles on preorder without eBook files and the due date for when the final files need to be delivered. It is a reference to help you stay on top of your file delivery dates for preorders. Any titles that are in violation of file delivery date (two weeks prior to the publication date) will be highlighted in red.