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Daily eBooks Sale (Unverified)

Retailer Reports

You can pull retailer reports as well. This allows you to drill down in your trends reports. This is helpful for tracking promotions. To access that, you can click into the retailer bar graph. 

You will then see a summary report and can download the information by choosing any parameters, including a full list by retailer and ISBN. 

You can subscribe to this reporting as well. 

Sales by title

Report name: OzBooks Daily Unverified Sales from 1.1 through now

On the console, you see a bar graph of this month’s sales. You can click into a title, or click the link to the reporting interface. 

For Daily Sales, you can select any date range start/stop, any imprint, and any title or set of titles. The interface is very simple. We also keep a last 30 days canned report available for easy download (and to generate the sales graphs.

Once you export the report, you can subscribe to a report with the same parameters. You can also do this for a subset of titles. This can also have a delivery cadence set by you.