Error Type
1 asset was not validated successfully because it had problems:

b1bdc403-9f8e-4771-8271-204b22a7a4a8.epub  ERROR ITMS-9000: b1bdc403-9f8e-4771-8271-204b22a7a4a8.epub: C:/Temp/vfbn0njy.40e/b1bdc403-9f8e-4771-8271-204b22a7a4a8.epub/OPS/package.opf(4): [RSC-005] Error while parsing file 'attribute "ns0:role" not allowed here; expected attribute "dir", "id" or "xml:lang"'. (For more information refer to

Check out this page from iBooks support: It's about the namespace.

Usually attributes have to do with the opf file having invalid items.

Sometimes the NCX file kicks back this error. Steps to confirm these are correct:

1. Open the NCX, and review the IDs and Play Order.
2. If the IDs match the Play Order, add “ch” before the # in the ID – do not change the Play Order.
3. If some IDs match each other, add some value after the # in the ID. Ex – if id=”015” is used twice, change the second listing to id=”015_2”. Again, do not change the Play Order.

To rezip the file:
  1. Cntrl + Click on mimetype, then ctrl + click on OEBPS, META-INF
  2. Right click on mimetype, then click Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder
  3. Rename .zip file to .epub
  4. Run through ePubCheck