INdemand Terminology & Reports

INdemand is our print service with distribution to all major outlets. We offer Print On Demand (POD) services, which allows publishers to carry no inventory, but the ability to print to order.  Plus, we offer off-set printing for longer print runs, a more cost effective print solution for larger quantities.

INdemand is ideal for independent authors and small publishers who are looking for flexible distribution options for their print programs.

What are Physical Book Orders?

An order for physical or print book is a transaction where inventory has been allocated to demand, but the desired books have not yet been shipped. When an order is shipped, it becomes a 'sale'. Most orders can be seen several days later on the sales reports also featured on this page.


Orders are updated daily.

What are Physical Book Sales?

A sale is a transaction where inventory has been picked, packed, and shipped. An order becomes a sale at the moment when the inventory is placed on outbound freight and scanned out of the system.

Sales are updated daily.

What is Sellthrough?

Per our terms of sale, most retailers and wholesalers are allowed to return physical books back to us if they cannot sell your wares to consumers. Many retailers and wholesalers provide insight into which of your content is actually 'selling through' to consumers, and we compile that data into a sellthrough report, which is updated tri-weekly.

Sellthrough data is updated three times a week.

What are Backorders?

Backorders are the orders from retailers or vendors, per title, for which stock is waiting to be printed. The Backorder Summary by Title report is a high-level overview of all backorders on your titles. Use the Backorders Detail for a retailer breakdown of backorders for each title.

Backorder data is updated daily.

What in Inventory?

Inventory is the in stock quantity for each of your titles at the IPG warehouse. Use the Historical Inventory On Hand report to view previous on hand quantities for each title in your catalogue. For a current standing on each title, use the Current Inventory On Hand report.

Inventory data is updated daily.