Please note that iBooks has strict rules on eBook prices based on physical book price. Nonfiction and juvenile/YA titles are exempt from these rules. All eBooks must be priced below the price of the physical book. Be aware that iBooks lists prices only in .99 USD increments. If your physical book price is 29.95 USD and you list 29.95 USD for the eBook, iBooks will round up the eBook price to 29.99, therefore causing the eBook to be more expensive than the physical.

If the title affected by this error matches these exception criteria, consider implementing the following steps in your metadata:

Bulk Metadata Sheet Instructions

1. Under Release Type (Column X), enter O (for "other").

2. Check that the Audience Type (Column AI) is selected for anything other than "General Trade."

3. Check the Physical Book Price. If you entered WW ("World Wide") change it to US and remove any territory specific pricing.

    Example: Change "WW 29.95 USD" to "US 29.95 USD"