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Not familiar with BookBub?
BookBub is the leading eBook price promotion service. Publishers and authors feature limited-time eBook deals with BookBub in order to drive sales and find new fans among their 8+ million members in US, CA, UK & AU.

How does BookBub work?

Readers join for free by providing their email address and choosing their favorite eBook genres and retailers at Once signed up, they begin receiving BookBub’s daily email, alerting them to the limited-time discounts on eBooks matching their preferences. When they see a deal they like, they click through to their eBook retailer of choice and download the book from there.

How do I get started promoting my eBook deals with BookBub?

If you're wondering if BookBub might be a good tool to help you dramatically boost the visibility and sales of your eBooks, feel free to reach out to IPG has a close relationship with BookBub and enjoys a high rate of selection success so if you'd like to give BookBub a try, please follow the link below to submit your nomination. You can find current categories and pricing here. Make sure you submit all nominations through IPG in order to take advantage of IPG’s close relationship with BookBub and high selection rate.

You can learn more about BookBub and get marketing tips from their blog, BookBub Insights.

Note: BookBub is a paid marketing service. If your title nomination is selected, IPG will contact you to confirm the pricing, date, and category placement. Payments will appear on your Publisher Statement the month after you confirm placement. If you do not hear anything, your title was not accepted.

IMPORTANT: You must submit a price campaign sheet if you are awarded a BookBub. Follow these instructions to ensure you don't lose your coveted BookBub deal!

  • Set the start date for the campaign at least 1-2 business days in advance of the Bookbub date. Keep an eye on the discount those first days to allow yourself time to resolve any issues at retailers before the Bookbub start. 
  • You must call out each territory separately in your price campaign sheet if it is not a free Bookbub. Many retailers will convert your price to local currency if not provided, which could result in the incorrect price for non-US territories. 
    • For example: 0.99 USD may convert to 1.49 GBP (VAT inclusive), 1.37 CAD, 1.35 AUD, or 1.12 EUR (VAT inclusive). If you need 0.99 for all currencies, you will need to call out each currency separately, taking VAT tax into account for the GBP and EUR prices. For 0.99 GBP / EUR, we recommend using 0.79 GBP and 0.99 EUR. 
    •  Special note:  Amazon has a minimum price of .99 for AUD, so your displayed price will be 1.09.  That is expected.  Use .99 AUD as the price, with AU as the territory if you have a .99 Bookbub.  (They do accept free for AU.)
    • We recommend using to help calculate your pricing. You can reference each European country VAT here: