Biblioboard is a subscription service that provides publisher-branded "Modules" to libraries, who subscribe to these modules on an annual basis.

A module is a grouping of content from a single publisher. This is the level at which content is purchased as a subscription by the library. The publisher is paid a flat fee for the each module sold, with the revenue from the module split evenly across the titles in the module. Modules range in size from 150 to 2500 titles. Prices range per module based on the size of the library that is ordering it, but pricing can range from $200/year to $2500/year. The publisher sets the price, though Biblioboard is happy to provide guidance on what the market will bear.

Bilbioboard uses a sales force that visits library systems, library by library to present their modules and solicit subscriptions. Biblioboard staff cull through publisher content and created suggested modules, which the publisher approves.

Biblioboard pays a 50% royalty on each subscription sold.