Total Boox offers direct services to libraries.Titles are made available to library patrons for instant discovery, without restrictions.Libraries do not need to purchase eBooks in advance. Instead, they set a reading budget used to pay for actual reading. Patrons download ebooks onto their Android, iOS, or Kindle device and read them (online or offline) using Total Boox’ free reading app. Total Boox keeps track of all reading, charges libraries for pages read and shares all proceeds with publishers quarterly. If a patron reads 50% of a $20-ebook, the library is charged $10 for that reading. The patron may read the rest of the ebook at any time in the future as long as his/her library card is valid. If and when the patron completes the ebook, the library is charged $20. All content paid for by the library remains on the patron’s device indefinitely.

Total Boox does curate the titles they receive and will be selective in what titles they take.

Total Boox pays 50% of the Net Proceeds.