Founded on the belief every student has the right to an affordable, accessible reading experience, RedShelf creates innovative products to improve education. Publishers partner with RedShelf to deliver content in ePUB and PDF formats and distributed through the campus bookstore in-store and online through a custom online marketplace. 

Terms (% of DLP to IPG):

Lifetime = 70%

365-Day = 60%

180-Day = 40%

120-Day = 25%

90-Day = 20%

60-Day = 17.5%

Example: Digital List Price for book A is $100. Using recommended discounts above, RedShelf would remit $70 for each Lifetime purchase, $60 for each 365-Day purchase, $40 for each 180-Day purchase, $25 for each 120-Day purchase, $20 for each 90-Day purchase, and $17.50 for each 60-Day purchase.