We’re Perma-Bound Inc., a division of Hertzberg-New Method, a family-owned business in Jacksonville, Ill. For more than 60 years, we’ve been a leader in the library binding and educational services industry. We provide durable library-bound books, ebooks, and teaching materials to thousands of Pre-K through 12 schools and libraries throughout North America, Latin America, and Asia. At Perma-Bound, we’re always adapting to changing requirements in the library and curriculum markets. But as we’ve expanded our mission through the decades, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to provide our customers with quality, value, selection, and service.


“Perma-Bound: The Strongest Books You Can Buy.”


IPG receives 50% of sales.


  • One-to-model
  • One-to-many model: Unlimited Simultaneous access at a building/library level
  • Online: Must have internet connection to access
  • Downloadable: Patron can download to max of 6 personal devices in a one-to-one format