You're an indie author or publisher, and you have a new book at the printer or a recently published gem. It's beautiful, polished, ready for the eyes of the world, and you're looking to get it out there for readers to fall in love with. Your first stop is here with Foreword Reviews. Foreword offers beautifully written, objective reviews of indie books, and we've been doing it for a readership of librarians, booksellers, and book lovers for over 20 years. Along with flawless credibility and fantastic reach, earning a Foreword book review gives indie authors and publishers more meat on the bone and buzz in the air for publicity campaigns. We have the research to prove that book industry professionals and general readers buy books based on a review in Foreword.

To be considered for a review in the pages of Foreword Reviews magazine, a review copy (printed or digital) of the title in question must be received in the Foreword offices a minimum of four (4) months ahead of publication. Once we have our hands on your book, our managing editor will carefully critique whether it meets our editorial standards. We receive hundreds of worthy titles every month. Due to space limitations, we're only able to review 150 books per issue of the bi-monthly magazine. If your book did not make the cut, we also offer objective, 450-word reviews (including a star rating) by Clarion Reviews, Foreword's fee-for-review service.

Please be sure to review upcoming Foresight Features and deadlines in the 2019 Editorial Calendar.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should include a fact sheet, sell sheet, or press release. All review submissions should be sent to the attention of:

Book Review Editor / Foreword Reviews
413 E 8th St
Traverse City, Michigan 49686

Submission information should include category, title, subtitle, author name and bio, publisher, page count, price, binding, ISBN, and publication date. Press releases or fact sheets should include a brief description of the title, why it is distinctive, etc., as well as contact information. Please also note on your enclosed fact sheet what type of review you are seeking.

eBooks are accepted in the following formats: .pdf, .epub, or .mobi. Foreword will not review titles that are only published as eBooks. Titles must have a print version with a firm pub date.

Submit eBooks by email to



Clarion Review
$499 per review

You've published a book, and now realize that it's hard to get noticed in this overcrowded publishing space. You've researched "how to get a book reviewed" but you also want more than a capsule summary. You want a professionally written, objective review with some major credibility. Oh, and you not only want to reach an audience of readers, but also reach the influencers, connectors, mavens, and the salespeople who can quickly get your book in the right hands.

We hear you.

That's why Foreword created Clarion Reviews over thirteen years ago. We're the industry's first and most trusted fee-for-review service for indie and self-publishers. We use a team of more than one hundred qualified reviewers to help you connect your stories with the hearts and minds of booksellers, librarians, and readers excited to find undiscovered indie literature. Our 450-word reviews critique all aspects of your book and have an express delivery of 4-6 weeks. With your permission, your review will be posted on our high traffic website and licensed to book wholesalers. Our partners, such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Cengage, Bowker, and EBSCO will spread the word to thousands of librarians and booksellers.

A Clarion Review provides three important elements to be used immediately in your marketing efforts:

The Money Quote

Placed on top of the review, this powerful testimonial boils down the entire piece into one sentence, telling readers instantly what distinguishes this book. Clarion Money Quotes use active, dynamic language that can be lifted easily for promotional purposes.

The First Paragraph

This well-written introduction tells readers, in a compact, conversational, positive way, what the book is about and what our reviewer thought of it. It could also stand alone, if necessary, as a one-paragraph mini-review.

The Star Rating

We'll give you 400-500 words detailing much more than a mere plot synopsis. Clarion Reviews give authors and readers a comprehensive critique of the writing, plot, pacing, characters, packaging, and other elements that will influence potential book buyers. The reader will not only know what the book is about, they will get a complete analysis from a professional writer who specializes in specific fields of study (book genres). Your book will be rated with one to five stars based on excellence.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to get your book reviewed, simply click here to order a Clarion Review. We'll need some basic information to get your account opened. You'll receive directions on how to send us your book—in any format—on your receipt once you've placed your order. The review fee is $499 per book. When the review has been completed, you'll get a notification (including the review) via email, and we'll wait for your instructions on whether to post it or keep it private.



We’ve partnered with BlueInk Review to offer you a special two-review package for the discounted price of just $695 (a savings of $299). BlueInk Review was founded by literary agent Patricia Moosbrugger and award-winning former book review editor of the Rocky Mountain News, Patti Thornby, and offers reviews written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at respected publishing houses. In addition to your Clarion Review, you’ll receive:

Fast-Track BlueInk Review (regularly priced at $495)

BlueInk Reviews are written by a professional book reviewer and are between 250-300 words in length and returned to you within 4-6 weeks. With your permission, BlueInk Review posts finished reviews to their website which is specifically designed to be user-friendly for readers, librarians, agents, and editors. Like Clarion Reviews, BlueInk Reviews are also distributed to important licensees some of which include Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases (used by over 70,000 booksellers and librarians), the iDream Books website, and more.


Your reviews from Clarion and BlueInk Review must be for the same book, and that book must be self-published, as BlueInk Review reviews self-published titles exclusively. If you wish to purchase both reviews, you must do so as a separate transaction from any other purchase you wish to make.