First launched in 2010, IndieView is a site that connects indie authors with volunteer reviewers. In order to find a potential reviewer, an author can visit the site’s directory, which lists the names, websites, genre preferences, and review policies of each of its more than 300 reviewers. After finding a promising match, an author can then contact the reviewer directly, typically via her website. IndieView does a good job of maintaining a robust and respectful reviewing community. In order to remain on its list of reviewers, members must “actively post reviews,” accept e-book submissions, and never charge for reviews. In addition, many of the reviewers will post their reviews to sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Shelfari. IndieView’s directory model can prove time-consuming, since an author will have to research each reviewer’s site, policy, and past reviews individually. But, given its size and the sheer variety of genre preferences represented, it’s a good place to start.