Instructions for Authors

This database of book bloggers is organized by genre of interest. If a book blogger has expressed interest in multiple genres, they will be listed in each category. Any book blogger that is listed here has asked to be listed.  Keep in mind that when approaching a book blogger about your book, use your manners and your common sense. Don’t approach a blogger who only reads children’s lit to read your non-fiction business book. Choose bloggers that are interested in your genre.

Each listing has a graphic that can be clicked on to take you to the blogger’s blog and it also has a clickable link that will do the same. Make sure you visit each blog that you are interested in contacting and follow the instructions that they have posted. Just like querying an agent – don’t give bloggers reason to hit the delete button.

Lastly, please don’t leave comments on this database or use the contact form on this site to contact book bloggers. The book bloggers won’t receive the comments or the note.

If you are interested in receiving an email of new book bloggers added to this site, click here for more details.

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