An important outlet for publicity, a review in a book trade publication can instantly increase library and consumer sales. Below is a list of helpful links, contacts, and addresses at influential book trade and book review outlets. These contacts are only for submitting general trade fiction and nonfiction titles. For contacts and publications for children's and YA titles, see Children's & Young Adult Reviews. As with other media outlets, not every outlet listed below will be ideal for every title. Be sure to do your research, and pitch only relevant outlets.
Please note: Due to recent changes in the book trade and across the media in general, this information is likely to change frequently. We are working to keep the contact information as current as possible and appreciate your patience.  If you are given a new contact when ours is out of date, please let us know at

Book Trade Publications

All galleys, F&Gs, or finished books must reach review publications at least three to four months prior to publication date in order to be considered for review. Most prefer that you send review copies four or more months in advance. Please note that some prefer a single galley, while others requests two galleys or finished books only. However it is important to refer to the specific directions listed for each publication since there are exceptions to these guidelines.
Please send the following information with your books: author; title; publisher contact, address, and telephone number; distribution information; date of publication; price; number of pages; and ISBN and LC numbers if available. Also indicate whether illustrations, an index, or bibliography will be included. Provide a brief description of the book, its intended audience, and author bio. Information on book clubs, audio or movie rights sales, author tours of five cities or more, and significant ad/promo budgets should be noted. Please also be sure to mention IPG as your distributor within your press materials and cover letter.


The Bloomsbury Review

ATTN: Book Review Editor
1553 Platte Street, Suite 206
Denver, CO 80202-1167
(303) 455-3123/ Fax (303) 455-7039
Send: one galley with press release.

About: The Bloomsbury Review provides book readers and book buyers with book reviews, interviews with writers, profiles, essays, poetry, and a variety of features covering a broad range of titles from presses large and small, regional and international.

Publication website:


The Editors
350 Seventh Ave., 19th floor
New York, NY 10001
212-475-4000 / Fax 212-529-1257
Send: one galley or finished copy and press materials at least three months before publication.

About: Bookforum is a quarterly literary and book review magazine written for the young, professional, educated, and informed book buyer. Provides reviews of the latest titles, illuminating author interviews, and intelligent commentary. Contains information on current and coming trends, current affairs, and ideas celebrated and debated by writers. Do not call or email to follow up.
Publication website:


Adult Books: Donna Seaman
Graphic Novels: Sarah Hunter
Reference Materials: Rebecca Vnuk
50 E. Huron St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2729
(312) 280-5716/ Fax (312) 337-6787Send: two galleys along with press materials. Follow up with two finished copies of when available.

About: All disciplines are accepted. Booklist is designed as a tool for information on all new literary releases. Content is geared towards the book consumer.

Publication website:


Lynn Green
Book Review Editor
2143 Belcourt Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212-3503
615-292-8926 / Fax 615-292-8249
Send: One galley or advance review copy, along with press materials, and follow up with finished book.
About: All disciplines. No e-books. BookPage rarely reviews poetry or scholarly books. BookPage targets libraries, booksellers and book consumers. Features a mix of author interviews and reviews focusing on each month's noteworthy new releases. Covers a broad range of new books, including fiction, history, biography, travel, business, gardening, cooking, computers, and audio books.
Publication website:


The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Deborah Stevenson, Editor
501 East Daniel St.
Champaign, IL 61820
217-244-0324 / Fax 217-333-5603
Send: One galley or F&G with press materials and follow up with finished book.
About: Reviews professional, scholarly, adult trade books, reading and librarianship for Professional Connection section. They do not review textbooks, curricular materials, cassettes or book/cassette combinations, videos, software, electronic publications, or magazines. Encourages submissions by small and alternative publishers. Paperback originals also are welcome and encouraged.
Publication website:


ATTN: Book Review Editor
100 Riverview Center
Middletown, CT 06457-3445
(860) 347-6933/ Fax (860) 704-0465
Send: Finished books only; they do not review from galleys or uncorrected proofs.

About:In general, books and electronic products selected for review are appropriate for libraries that serve undergraduates; are published by university, trade, or small presses; are monographic works or focused edited volumes; and include scholarly apparatus (bibliography, notes, index, illustrations). Choice does not review children's books, instructional manuals, how-to books, self-help books, foreign language books. Collections and anthologies are generally not received. Encourages e-book titles and all disciplines. Choice provides critical, concise reviews of books suitable for college and university library collections. Provides an index to U.S. current scholarly publications, and reviews written by teaching faculty.

Publication website:

College & Research Libraries News (CRNL News)

George Eberhart, Book Review Editor
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2729
(312) 280-2524/ Fax (312) 280-2520
Send: finished books only

About:Reviews titles of interest to professional academic, research, and Association of College and Research Libraries/American Library Association special librarians.

Publication website:


Kirkus Reviews

Eric Liebetrau: Managing Editor and Nonfiction Editor
Laurie Muchnick: Fiction Editor
Vicky Smith: Children's and Teen Editor
108 Stillman St
South Portland, ME 04106

Send: two review copies and follow up with two copies of the finished book when available. While they prefer bound galleys, Kirkus Reviews is now also accepting hand-edited manuscripts, unbound page proofs and bound page proofs. A publication information sheet must accompany the two copies of the ARC/manuscript, providing the following information: full publication information, book summary, author bio, agent information and publicity contact.
About: Kirkus Reviews does not review self-published books, mass-market books, textbooks, and specialized, technical or professional works. Kirkus Reviews also does not review poetry, art, photography, romance, health & fitness, dating/sex, business & personal finance, gardening, or cooking & entertaining books. Kirkus Reviews rarely reviews reprints, book of lists, compendiums of information (travel guides, etc.), self-help books, screenplays, instruction manuals, and academic works. Please also send catalog or listing of forthcoming titles. Kirkus Reviews will no longer consider a book for review if only one copy of that book was submitted by the publisher. Kirkus Reviews staffers have discontinued making individual requests for duplicates.
Publication website:

Library Media Connection

Library Media Connection
Review Copy Center
130 Cremona Drive, Ste C
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION features critical reviews of new books, software, videos (they prefer DVD format when available), online subscription services and free Web sites. In order to be considered for review in LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION’S pages, review material must be of interest to K-12 library media specialists, teachers, and technology specialists.
LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION does not review paperback reissues, preschool books such as board books, consumable workbooks, or books with a copyright date prior to the current year. In order to have your product considered for review, please send the following to the address listed below:
  • two copies of the title or product for stand alone titles; one copy for titles in a series (we prefer galleys or f&g’s for review, and one copy of the final product upon publication)
  • bibliographic information (copyright date, page count, price, ISBN #, video running length, platform, etc. Actual CIP information would be very helpful)
  • press information

Library Journal

ATTN: Stephanie Klose
123 William St., Suite 802
New York, NY 10038
Send: one galley, a set of page proofs, or a manuscript (along with press materials) and follow up with finished book.

About: Library Journal does not review books received later than date of publication, textbooks, children's books, very technical works, books geared for a specialized professional audience, and books in languages other than English. Books previously published abroad are eligible if they are being released here for the first time and have a U.S. distributor. In order for second edition books to be considered for review, 30% of the material must be new. Send a brief description of book, its intended audience and info on author's background with galleys. Please also indicate whether any illustrations, an index, or bibliography will be included. Library Journal is published once a month in January, July, August and December, and bi-monthly for all other months of the year. See the Tips on Working with Library Journal for more details.

Publication website:

School Library Journal

Stephanie Klose
123 William St., Suite 802
New York, NY 10038
Send: two copies of adult titles that may be of interest to high school age students. Please follow above guidelines for Library Journal.

Publication website:

Locus Magazine

ATTN: Book Review Editor
1933 Davis Street, Suite 297
San Leandro, CA 94577
Send: One finished copy with press materials. There is no review guarantee, but your book will be included in their "Books Received" listing in the magazine, along with ordering information.

About: Reviews adult science fiction or fantasy only. Locus Magazine is a monthly magazine covering the science fiction and fantasy field through stories about writers, publishers, awards, conferences, author signings; interviews with well-known and up-and-coming writers; book reviews of new and forthcoming books; reports from around the world about the science fiction markets; comprehensive listings of books and magazines; and coverage of major conventions.

Publication website:

The New York Review of Books

The Editors
435 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10014-3994
212-757-8070 / Don't fax
Send: one galley. Include a press release with galley and follow up with a finished copy.

About: Interested in current ideas in politics, science, history, and culture as addressed to experts in the respective fields.

Publication website:


Publishers Weekly

Fiction Reviews
Nonfiction Reviews
Lifestyle Reviews
Mystery Reviews
Science Fiction Reviews
Poetry Reviews
Religion Reviews
Romance Reviews

71 West 23rd St., Ste 1608
New York, NY 10010
Send: Two review copies, plus press materials, and follow up with two copies of the finished book when available. PW is now accepting manuscripts, hand-edited manuscripts, unbound page proofs and bound page proofs as well as galleys and F&G's. Submissions should bear the name and number of a publicist who can be contacted for further information. Do not resubmit at a later date.
In addition to sending ARCs, submit press materials and book data to Galley Tracker. This makes it easier to keep tabs on the book’s journey and status as it changes hands over at PW. Submit titles via the form, print out the receipt, and include this with press release and cover letter attached to the book mailing.

Rain Taxi Review of Books

Rain Taxi
P.O. Box 3840
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 825-1528/ Fax (612) 825-1528
Send: One galley or finished book only (no unbound or digital submissions) with press materials.

About: Rain Taxi Review of Books is a quarterly publication that reviews mostly literary material (fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, art, and graphic novels) or cultural studies (biography, history, politics). They do not review self-help, cooking, gardening or business titles. Do not call or email to follow up. Please note that Rain Taxi now has two different versions—online and print—with separate content. Click here for the first installment of the online issue. To sign up for the mailing list and receive notifications about when new online editions are posted, please visit:
Publication website:

School Library Journal
See under Library Journal

Top Newspaper Book Reviews

Send one galley 3 to 4 months in advance of publication month with press materials and cover letter. Follow up with a finished book.
Boston Globe
Paul Makishima
Deputy Book & Living Editor
53 State St
1 Exchange Place
Boston, MA 02109-2820
(617) 929-2905/ Fax (617) 929-3192
Chicago Tribune
Jennifer Day
Book Review Editor
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611-4024
312-222-3232 / Fax 312-222-2550
Los Angeles Times
Carolyn Kellogg
Books & Book Reviews Editor
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4105
(213) 237-7778/ Fax (213) 237-4712

The New York Times 
Pamela Paul
Book Review Editor
620 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
(212) 556-5925

Wall Street Journal Weekend Book Review
Robert Messenger—Book Review Editor
Meghan Cox Gurdon—Children's Book Review Editor
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036-8706
Do not fax
Washington Post
Steven Levingston: Nonfiction Books Editor
1301 K St NW
The Washington Post
One Franklin Square
Washington DC, 20005
(202) 334-6718 / Fax (202) 334-5587

Nora Krug: Book World Editor & Writer
(202) 334-7882 / Fax (202) 334-5587


Publishers Lunch
Publishers Lunch (approximate circulation: 30,000) is a free, daily book trade industry e-newsletter. Each report features news stories pulled from print and web sources that are of interest to the professional book trade community. Within the e-newsletter, the "Deal News" section offers reports on industry deals and the "Today's Meal" section features news stories, personnel announcements, and job listings. Subscribers can also post their own rights news and offerings and provide extensive details on their companies. A paid separate edition of Publishers Lunch called Publishers Lunch Deluxe is also available.
PW Daily
PW Daily is a free, daily book trade industry enewsletter for Publishers Weekly that provides up-to-date information on the publishing industry. PW Daily provides feature stories and industry news, and subscribers have access to a "Today's News" section, Blogs, Calls for Information, and more. There are multiple editions of PW Daily available, including weekly e-newsletters of Children's Bookshelf, Religion BookLine, and PW Comics Week.
Shelf Awareness
Shelf Awareness (approximate circulation: 10,000) is a free, daily book trade industry e-newsletter that focuses on bookstores and booksellers. SA is dedicated to helping people in stores, in libraries, and on the web buy, sell, and lend books most wisely. It provides industry news such as articles from publishing experts, book reviews, trends and developments that affect book distribution and selling, and listings of industry events and awards. Via the e-newsletter, subscribers have access to various sections, including "Bookselling News," "Media and Movies," and "Books and Authors."