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Do not include: 

  • Unauthorized reference to other titles or authors
  • Unauthorized reference to a trademarked term
  • Reference to sales rank (e.g., "bestselling")
  • Reference to advertisements or promotions (e.g., "free")
  • Corrupted special characters, superfluous words, bad formatting, extra descriptive content, etc.

Do include:

  • terms such as "Boxed Set," "Bundle," "Collection," "Compilation," or "Series." for multi-book sets 
  • begin your title with the term "Summary," "Study Guide," or "Analysis." when writing a companion book.
    • When designing your companion book cover, make sure the term "Summary," "Study Guide," or "Analysis" appears before the title of the original work in a font at least as large as the rest of the title

Your title and subtitle together must be fewer than 200 characters. The subtitle will appear on your book's detail page, and must adhere to the same guidelines as your title.