SUMMARY OF BOOKTRIB SERVICES is a discovery zone for readers and a marketing engine for authors and publishers.  They are extending a special offer to INscribe Publishers.

BookTrib will:

  • Extend a 5 percent discount to authors off the published rate of our Promote Your Book Program.
  • Extend a 10 percent discount to authors off the published rates of all other BookTrib marketing programs.

Additionally, every time BookTrib does a book review of an INscribe-sourced author, BookTrib will provide a couple of sentences on the review that INscribe can use in its News and Notes section, linking back to the BookTrib article.

BookTrib reviews and features under-the-radar, bestselling and midlist authors who deserve to be covered, and who readers will enjoy discovering. The articles are written by BookTrib’s editorial team, as well as a lineup of blue-chip authors and contributors. BookTrib has developed creative marketing and editorial programs to help authors connect with their audience.

Among BookTrib's popular offerings for authors:

  • Promote Your Book Program (includes book review and an instant audience on our website, also an author profile page and social media, eblasts and book giveaway. (For more on this program,, download the attachment)…Published Rate: $375
  • Amazon Review Campaign (through our cultivated network of thousands of Amazon reviewers)…Published Rate: $1,500
  • Indie Bookstore Campaign (your book is sent to 50 independent booksellers for consideration on their shelves; we follow up personally to each bookseller and pitch them on your book)…Published Rate: $1,500
  • Book Club Booster Program (your book gets in the hands of 50 book clubs around the country that meet every month, supplemented with a promotional campaign to 100,000 readers. FULL INFO SHEET ATTACHED)…Published Rate: $1,500
  • High-visibility banner ads on the BookTrib homepage…Published Rates: Starting at $390.

(See BookTrib’s Media Kit for complete list of opportunities and rates. )


For over 25 years, Meryl Moss Media’s marketing savvy has helped authors turn books into best sellers. Ten years ago, Meryl Moss created by growing a robust community of passionate readers so authors could build their audiences and launch their books.

At Meryl Moss Media, we are not only media specialists; we are marketing specialists. Among the popular Meryl Moss Media services:

  • Branding and platform building for the new or experienced author
  • National and regional media coverage (online, print and broadcast)
  • Social media creation and management
  • Influencer marketing and introductions
  • National book and media tours
  • Instagram book tours
  • Video author interviews on our own digital asset,
  • Establishing new communities and distribution channels
  • Strategic marketing initiatives that extend beyond the book