If you opt into KEP and send INscribe/IPG ONIX for your eBooks, there are some important things to know about territory specific pricing.

To make things simple, you may send a World Wide USD price. KEP will manage the conversion for local currencies. This is the easiest method for sending pricing information.

However, if you intend to call out territory specific prices, please keep in mind the following information:

  • The only territories that KEP supports pricing for are:
    • US
    • CA
    • IN
    • BR
    • AU
    • MX
    • JP
    • GB
    • EU territories
  • You must include local currency for any territory pricing. Accepted currencies by territory are as follows:
    • US = USD

    • CA = CAD

    • IN = INR

    • BR = BRL

    • AU = AUD

    • MX = MXN

    • GB = GBP

    • EU = EUR

    • JP = JPY

  • KEP requires tax-inclusive price for any price with currency GBP, EUR, JPY. This means you must provide price type 02 with the appropriate tax included. If not, our systems will send your tax-exclusive price as tax-inclusive. This means you will lose money on the price of your book.
    • To send tax-inclusive prices, use Price Type 02 and include the base price, tax amount, and total price. For example:
      • <Price>