Kobo Plus is an all-you-can-read eBook subscription service. Launched in 2017 by Rakuten Kobo, Kobo Plus was designed to combat high eBook piracy. Currently, it’s available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada only. 

The payment model is a revenue share based on the number of “reads” converted to “minutes consumed” for each title: The product of (A) the Value per minute Consumed, multiplied by (B) Subscription Content Minutes Consumed, multiplied by (C) The Publisher’s Revenue Share.

IPG’s revenue share is 60%.

eBook + Audiobooks are supported in KoboPlus in The Netherlands & Belgium, while the new territories will be eBook only.

If you would like to Opt Out of Kobo Plus, please submit a ticket to Help@inscribedigital.com with the list of titles.