Please refer to the sample statement below and the descriptions below describing the content of each section of the statement: 

A. Publisher contact name and address. 

B. The statement period and publisher name. 

C. If applicable, this section will summarize the total amount that IPG is holding against future returns as outlined in the agreement. 

D. This section gives a snapshot of the sales and returns of the current period. 

E. Per the agreement, IPG pays sales after 90 days minus returns from the statement period-i.e. December sales are paid minus March returns. This section also breaks down sales and returns for print books versus eBooks. 

F. This section shows all Distribution Fees as applicable to your contract.  

G. If applicable, this section summarizes line-item deductions for the period being reported. A detailed accounting of line item deductions will be included with your statement on the succeeding pages of the report. Deductions may include: 
  1. Pub Fulfillment Only and Pub Fulfillment Only Freight (previously Drop Ship Freight and Handling Charges) 
  2. Pub Review Copies and Pub Review Copies Freight (previously Review Copies Freight and Handling Charges) 
  3. Pub Stock Transfer Freight and Pub Stock Transfer Handling (previously Stock transfer Freight and Handling Charges) 
  4. Pass Through Freight and Pass Through Handling (previously Pass Through Freight Charges) 
  5. Pass Through Freight- Canada and Pass Through Handling-Canada (previously Pass Through Freight Charges – Canada) 
  6. Co-Op Advertising  
  7. EBook Conversion Fees  
  8. Storage Fee – eBook Annual and Storage Fee – eBook Monthly 
  9. Overstock Fees  
  10. POD Invoices  
  11. Truck Freight Invoices 
  12. Miscellaneous fees may include but are not limited to the following: UPS Freight Rebate, Amazon 1 Percent Case Pack Refund, Marketing/ Advertising Charges, Print Plus Charges, Consignment NOP OP Sales Returns, Wire Transfer Fees, Freight Handling Corrections, Returns Fee Corrections, Publisher Payments, Write Off, Distribution Fee Corrections, Sub Rights/ Foreign Rights, Other 

H. This section shows the period and the amount that is being held for reserve as well as the period and amount of any reserves that are being released. 

I. If the amount due to publisher is less than the minimum payment amount the amount due will be carried over to the next period. 

J. This field summarizes all charges calculated from sections E through I. 

K. If the amount due to publisher meets the minimum for payment it will be reflected here as a Statement Payment. 





Reading the Sales Report 

You can export the sales report from the statement dashboard as an excel file. The sales details included in this report tie to the ISBN level details that are included in your statement (pdf). Please refer to the guide below for reading your sales report:  



Business Unit 

Publisher account program line 

Project Name 

Publisher name 

Product ID 


Kit Code 

This is an internal field, please disregard 


Publisher account Pub Code 

Payee Name 

Addressee of the statement 

Transaction Date 

Date of sale 

Units Sold 

Number of units sold 

List Price 

Price of Product 


Net Amount of sale 

Discount Rate 

This is an internal field, please disregard 

Revenue Type 

The Revenue type indicates which distribution fee is being charged. There are 5 types of fees: Physical Dist. fee, Physical Canadian Dist. fee, Gift Dist. fee, Audiobook Dist. fee, eBook Dist. fee 

Transaction Type 

Sale or Return 

Period Registered 

Month of Sale 

Payment Due Period 

When the sale will be paid  

Royalty Rate 

Publisher’s royalty rate (minus IPG’s distribution fee) 

Royalty Earned 

Royalty earned per sale 


This is an internal field, please disregard 

Account ID 

Retailer account ID 

Account Name 

Retailer account 

File Name 

This is an internal field, please disregard 

Date Added 

This is an internal field, please disregard 

Invoice Number 

This is an internal field, please disregard 

Row Number 

This is an internal field, please disregard