Upload Your Files Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

As an INscribe Digital client, you automatically are given access to a service called Serv-U that allows you to deliver your content using File Transfer Protocol, or FTP. Your client representative should have provided you with login credentials during your onboarding training. We recommend using the FTP upload method for mid-size and large publishers who are uploading 10-100+ titles during each upload. However, even if you are only uploading one new asset, you are always welcome to use this method of upload.

INscribe Credentials

Host: sftp.inscribedigital.com

Port: 22

Username: Provided by your client representative

Password: Provided by your client representative

INscribe's FTP Web Portal

You can access the Serv-U web portal at any time using the credentials provided by your client services representative.

In your account, you will see two main delivery folders: Files and XML. Follow the upload guidelines for where to deliver each asset type.

Direct FTP Link (for uploading many files at once or large file uploads)

If you will be uploading many files at once or many large files over time, we highly recommend setting up a direct link to your FTP portal with us for easier, faster file uploads. Contact your IT department for setting up a direct connection with our FTP. Ensure that ftp.inscribedigital.com and sftp.inscribedigital.com are resolving to 

Please note that the web portal is really only intended for small publisher use where only a few files need to be uploaded at a time.

Third-party Options

We understand that sometimes neither of these options will work for you. If your IT team cannot set up a direct FTP link for regular deliveries, we suggest using a third-party tool like FileZilla or Yummy FTP. These programs make is easy to transfer large batches of files and you can even leave the uploads running in the background. No need to wait for individual files to finish uploading!