Upload Your Content to INscribe Digital

Below are the different options for delivering your content – metadata, cover file, and ebook file(s) – to INscribe. Once files are uploaded, they are processed for "ingestion" into INscribe's distribution platform, Athena, where they are stored and sent for distribution to retailers. (Retailer guidelines are available on our Retailer Quick Guide.) There are three different methods of uploading content, depending on your preference and needs.

Be sure to name each file according to the Content Submission Guidelines before uploading for proper processing in Athena. The current Excel metadata and price campaign templates can be found here

Submission Portal 

Recommended for small publishers, uploading 1-10 new titles or updates per day

Use the online single eBook title submission portal. This allows you the option to plug in your metadata and upload files for one title at a time. You also have the option to turn on a 'Files Only' functionality, which allows you to bypass the metadata fields and just upload a cover jpg, eBook file, or even an Excel metadata spreadsheet. Once files are successfully submitted, they will be processed within 10-60 minutes. Any error reports (Failed Ingestion or Failed Distribution) will be emailed the next day.

Note: The submission form does not store previously entered information. For easy edits, export the excel metadata spreadsheet from Athena, make the edits, and submit using the Files Only option. 


Recommended for mid-size to large publishers, uploading 10-100+ new titles or updates per day

Upload files to INscribe's FTP. This is a good option if you have many files that you would like to upload at once. You can also use the FTP to send INscribe test files, or send files out for conversion using our partners.

There are two ways you can use your FTP to deliver files to INscribe Digital. 

1. Automatic Pickup: Files and XML Folders

Upload metadata files (including ONIX and Excel sheet) to the XML folder and all other content files to the Files folder for easy, bulk transfer. Files will automatically be picked up for ingestion processing within about 10-60 minutes. Any error reports (Failed Ingestion or Failed Distribution) will be emailed the next day.

2. Manual Pickup: Year Folder + Help Desk Ticket

This method is for rare cases when you do NOT want to upload files for immediate processing, such as for sending extremely large batches (500+ titles), test files, or any other projects that need monitoring or manual approval. Any files uploaded to the year folder (e.g. "2016" folder) should be placed in a subfolder named by date of submission. These files will NOT be automatically picked up for processing. Thus, this method requires placing a ticket in the help desk under the category to notify INscribe of your delivery. Please include the file path (name of dated folder).

Conversion Services

You must submit a ticket on the help desk to notify the eBook production team that your file is ready for conversion. These files should be treated like any other manual pickup delivery. Before submitting your files for conversion services, please review our documentation on Converting or Revising Book Files.

Files for conversion should be uploaded to the Source Files folder on your FTP. Completed files for approval will be uploaded to the Converted Files folder.


Recommended for small to mid-size publishers uploading 1-50 new titles or updates per day

Upload content files directly to Athena using the Uploads module. You may upload in batches of up to 50 files in Athena. You can track successful processing in the Ingestion History tab, and successful distribution in the Catalog tab. Any error reports (Failed Ingestion or Failed Distribution) will be emailed the next day.

Check out our article Athena Tutorial - How To Upload Content for more information