eBook File Validations

Validations check coding and file integrity across devices. Failure to comply with these mandatory retailer validations, as well as any other retailer requirements (see: eBook QA Rules (retailer requirements)), may result in delays in live status.

NOTE: Validations are performed on EPUB files only. 


EPUB Check

EPUB Check Online

Amazon's KindleGen v.2.9

(EPUB to MOBI conversions)

KindleGen Download

Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines

Apple's iTMS Transporter

Transporter User Guide

Amazon (AMZ & KDP)




All other retailersX

Cover Image Validations

External marketing cover art images (NOT the covers within eBook files, NOT the print cover files) must be at least 1400 pixels on the shortest side and must be JPG and use RGB color mode, NOT CMYK. Go here to learn: How to change color modes in Photoshop. Clear, un-pixelated, 1800 x 2400 pixels at 300 DPI is highly recommended for your marketing cover art files for retailer websites.

Non-Compliant Files

Files that fail to pass the above validation systems will not be distributed to the retailer(s). You will receive a report for any files that fail to import and/or distribute. For information on Athena reports, See Error Reporting.

For retailer rules regarding the content and design of your eBook files, See: eBook QA Rules (retailer requirements)

To understand what files each retailers accept, See: Retailer Quick Guide

To get a file repaired so it passes validations, See: File Repair or Enhancement Services and Rates